Case Study: Autoimmune Gone!
When a Virus Led to a Debilitating Auto-Immune Response & How the Alkaline Reset Cleanse Healed It

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Robert Boehm
From Unable to Walk the Driveway to Running Marathons
Robert was diagnosed with polycystic kidneys, meaning he was facing a lifetime of deteriorating health, energy and vitality - culminating in a kidney transplant.

The doctors had told him to simply accept it, and expect it to get worse and worse.  

Robert was never one to do what he was told...after following the Alkaline Reset he went from unable to walk 60m to his driveway to running marathons...and that's just the start....
Challenges: Fatigue, Polycystic Kidneys, Rosacea
Juanita Butler
Auto-Immune Created Daily Pain & Hospital Visits...Until a Reset Changed Everything!
Juanita was diagnosed with the auto-immune condition Lupus, and was struggling with daily pain.  Her medication for the pain was being increased and it caused her body to 'shut down'.  She lost her spark, and every day became a struggle.  

Learn how Juanita changed her future by 'Resetting' her body - she's now pain free, full of life and laughter and back to planning her dream future of travel and hiking...
Challenges: Auto-Immune, Lupus, Pain, Weight & Fatigue
Laura Atyeo
Years of Stress & Falling Into the Trap...
Laura had told herself 'it's not too bad' for years.  Tomorrow syndrome had really set itself in.  But the stress was building up in her body creating massive imbalance.  By the time Laura drew the line in the sand she was stressed, anxious, short tempered, feeling low, and was struggling with her weight and debilitating allergies from the moment she woke up til the moment she went to bed...

And then she decided to 'Reset' and just look at what happened...
Challenges: Fatigue, Stress, Allergies, Weight & Mood
Eugenia Blackmon
Chronic Sugar Addiction + Chronic Stress...
Eugenia is BUSY.  Three businesses as well as a full time job as a legal counsel, two young kids - her nine-five was more like five-eleven.  She became stressed, overworked, and a sugar addict.  It became her way to 'get through' to 'reward' and it took a massive toll on her body.

She fell into the 'tomorrow' trap, but a chance conversation snapped her out of it.

Eugenia is part of the Alkaline Reset Class of 2017 and her results have been staggering...the weight, the stress, the sugar addiction - all a thing of the past...
Challenges: Sugar Addiction, Fatigue, Stress, Weight
Samantha Smallwood
A Lifetime of 'Punishing' Her Body...(starting with her first 'diet' at 11 years old...)
Sam described herself as a 'punisher' when it came to her body.  Growing up as a dancer, she started her first diet under pressure at 11 years old, and has struggled with her health ever since.

Approaching 40 she found herself suffering with chronic fatigue, arthritis, inflammation, low mood and at a weight she was definitely not happy with.

All symptoms of imbalance...and it's amazing what happens when you hit the 'reset button'. 

Sam's health and her life is now unrecognisable - and her family have well and truly 'got their Sam back'...
Challenges: Weight, Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue, Inflammation
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