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The Alkaline Reset Cleanse is available in hardcover, paperback or digital.

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Available in Hardcover, Paperback or Digital

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Pre-Cleanse Action Plans: Day-by-Day

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The Alkaline Breads & Desserts Recipe Book

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Sugar is THE most acidic food on Earth. I show you how to make it SO easy to get it out of your life, for good - with no cravings, no pain - it is easy and effortless...

Alkaline Immune-Boosting Masterclass

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Given the current situation we are in I want to give you my Immune Boosting Masterclass. This is my step-by-step guide (and action plan) to strengthen your immune system.

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Denise's Cleanse Story: "I Reversed Arthritis, Removed ALL Inflammation, and Am Now Medication & Pain Free!"

Denise - Alkaline Reset Cleanse
Coaching Program 2019

After a virus triggered psoriatic arthrits in my body, most of my day was spent in pain. I was truly frightened.  The doctors told me the only answer was a lifetime of medication and to expect it to get worse.

Well, fast forward a few months and after the Cleanse the difference was amazing. The energy was unrecognisable – I actually felt well again, full of life.  

The inflammation and pain subsided straight away and within a few months I completely stopped the medication. I went to see my doctor who did all of the tests and everything came back clear. I am completely free of arthritis! 

The benefits never end – over the 21 days of the Reset I lost over 14lbs (6.5kg) and my psoriasis has gone.   It’s really given me back my life.  Thank you Ross! 

If you want to end the pain, frustration and battle with your body for good and create the health & energy you deserve, to live better, feel better and wake up every day energized, confident and ready to take on the World, then read on, because… 

The Alkaline Reset Cleanse WORKS...!

Since the release of the hardcover edition in January 2019, 30,000+ people have followed the Cleanse and the results have been incredible: 28lbs lost in 21 days, fibromyalgia gone, inflammation gone, arthritis reversed, autoimmune reversed, chronic fatigue gone, osteoporosis gone, adrenal fatigue gone, IBS gone, stress disappeared, type 2 diabetes reversed...and more...!

This is my powerful, whole-food, nourishing seven-day Cleanse, the exact process I have taught for over 13+ years in my high-level coaching program, to get incredible results for thousands of people all over the world...and now you can get it from just $9!

...and to celebrate it's release on paperback, I have put together an extremely limited time bonus package for you worth over $200+ to get you kickstarted on your Cleanse!

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Since it's hardcover release, the Alkaline Reset Cleanse has transformed the lives of tens of thousands of people all over the world...and one thing is absolutely certain...

Real Results: The Alkaline Reset Cleanse WORKS!

See just a handful of my student's success stories below with goals including weight loss, autoimmune, digestive health, arthritis, inflammation, kidney disease, type 2 diabetes, psoriasis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and more...!

Faced with worsening arthritis and a lifetime of strong medication, Denise reversed all of her symptoms, is now medication free, lost weight and her psoriasis too!

Denise Bird-Newell

Juanita was diagnosed with lupus, an autoimmune condition which left her frequently hospitalised.  She is now pain-free, medication-free, back to hiking and lost 30lbs.

Juanita Butler

Robert reversed the symptoms of his polycystic kidneys and chronic fatigue, and is now marathon running, and rosacea-free!  

Robert Boehm

Sam was struggling with fatigue, inflammation and arthritis.  She is now pain free, energized, lost weight and her family "has their Sam back"....

Sam Smallwood-Pounds

Eugenia was stressed, stuck in the sugar-crash-cycle and had gained weight.  Doing the ARC she lost 20lbs in 21 days and her energy skyrocketed.

Eugenia Blackmon

Cathy was desperate...10 years of digestive pain and adrenal fatigue.  The ARC solved both, and Cathy is thriving again.

Cathy Corn

Gina had survived cancer TWICE, but the treatment left her struggling.  After just ONE Cleanse she lost 20lbs in 28 days and her immunity is strong again.

Gina Stewart

Laura was struggling with low mood and  chronic fatigue.  After just the 'BEFORE' stage of the Cleanse her fatigue was gone, and now she is energized & thriving.

Laura Atyeo

Jacqui needed the refresh and to kickstart her health.  In the "Before" pre-Cleanse alone she lost 7lbs and this led to a total health transformation!

Jacqui Fehl

Nadine had a nagging illness from years before: tired, sluggish, not sleeping well, aches and pains - and it all disappeared in 3 weeks!  

Nadine Brierley

Julie wanted her and her husband to lose weight - and they sure did!  Both lost 8lbs in just seven days, and Julie's hair and skin also got a big boost!

Julie Falls

Sandra suffered from vertigo for three years...until she did the Alkaline Reset Cleanse - and now she is vertigo-free!  It works!

Sandra GR 

Joanna struggled with psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis and since doing the Cleanse is now medication-free!  All menopause symptoms are now also gone.

Joanna Handa

Pixie was struggling with fatigue and mental fog, but after doing the Alkaline Reset Cleanse she has incredible all-day energy,  and she's feeling great!

Pixie MacLeod-Hodgson

Jennifer needed to get her life back on track after 3 tough years.  After her Cleanse she had lost 30lbs, her confidence was back and she's loving life!

Jennifer Gordon

Gail had gained weight, her energy had gone and she had a fatty liver diagnosis.  After her Cleanse she had lost  15lbs in 21 days, and her liver got the all-clear!

Gail Mulhall

Helen was diagnosed with osteoporosis of the spine two years prior.  After doing the ARC she went back to the doctor and got an 'all clear' diagnosis.  She's glowing!

Helen Reynolds

Barbara had a long-term struggle with her weight, nothing had worked.  Thanks to the ARC she lost 5 inches from her waist & 3 inches from her stomach!

Barbara Vasey

Valerie had been a long-term sufferer of fibromyalgia, struggling to get through each day due to pain and fatigue.  She did the ARC & is now pain-free and running!

Valerie Monks-Lascelle

Lost weight, belt in 2 notches!  Less fatigue, back to her old self.  Reflux gone, bloating gone, joint pain gone...and candida and adrenal fatigue gone too!

Corona Green

Annette was fed up with fatigue.  She needed it to change.  She did the Cleanse and now describes her energy as 'unbelievable'!

Annette Burgess

After a cancer diagnosis, Barbara joined the Alkaline Reset Cleanse and she saw her energy and mental clarity skyrocket. 

Barbara Aarden

Angelique has always struggled to lose weight, but in seven days she lost 7lbs!  She gained more energy, and compliments about how much she glows!

Angelique Baars

Simone did the ARC and now her skin is clear, her energy is amazing, no more hot flushes and she's able to sleep properly for the first time in years...

Simone Babineau

Tracey needed a reboot - after years of brain fog and fatigue, she did the Cleanse and said goodbye to both.  She's now energized, thriving and loving life!

Tracey Bessant

Joyce was desperate to get off pain medication and get back to being herself.  With the Cleanse she did just that, losing 12lbs in the process!

Joyce Doucette

Richard needed to reduce inflammation and lose weight.  He completed the ARC and achieved both!

Richard Arthur

Gail jumped into the Alkaline Reset Cleanse to heal her digestive system and give her back the energy she once had - it did not disappoint.

Gail McIver

Kate had decided that NOW was her time and she jumped in - she lost 10lbs, got rid of chronic fatigue, improved her skin and she's doing it again this year!

Kate Bonsor

Valerie was desperate for a reboot - and the Cleanse did it!  She stabilised her blood sugar, lost weight, her rashes cleared up and she has TONS of energy!

Valerie Frankel

Bente wanted to get her energy back, to get her weight stable again and give her back the mental clarity she needs as a high-volume publishing academic!

Bente Petersen

Tony has arthritis of the spine, which causes significant pain.  After just a few days of the ARC Tony's pain is almost all gone!

Tony Cass

Over 1,400 students have successfully completed the Alkaline Reset Cleanse Coaching Program with me, their results are incredible.   They love the experience, they love how they feel and they return to the program year after year...

Order Now from Just $9.99 and Get the Alkaline Reset Cleanse Book PLUS all of these Bonuses!

Let Me Show You How, With Real Whole Foods, & Nourishing Recipes You Can Transform Your Health
and Life Forever…in Just Days...
I want you to know this: amazing change with your health can happen quickly, and it can transform your life in a matter of days.  It doesn't take a ton of supplements, pills, potions - just the goodness Mother Nature has given us...

We’ve been led to believe that attaining health has to be a tough process…that significant change takes years, pain, cravings, willpower…to be ‘on a diet’ for the rest of your life…
But I know, and have proven, that this is not true.
The Alkaline Reset Cleanse can change your life forever, in days, using the power of foods.  How? It gives the body exactly what it needs to heal, repair and thrive.
It is about knowing how your body works, what it needs, and returning to nature…real, whole, natural, nourishing foods and supporting the body with everything it needs in to reset, cleanse and heal.  

This is what the Alkaline Reset Cleanse is all about.
It is so easy, it doesn’t take a load of time each day (if anything it saves you time in your day!), it doesn’t require expensive supplements and it doesn’t mean you have to change your diet for the rest of your life...
It is simple, powerful, delicious, quick and easy – and the results can be just stunning...

So, right now I want you to throw away any past beliefs about a ‘cleanse’ being hard, time-consuming, staving yourself, eating or drinking weird stuff, headaches, hunger, feeling deprived and ‘toughing it out’.

The Alkaline Reset Cleanse is the complete opposite of that. 

It’s a positive journey of nourishment, abundance, reconnecting with your body – feeling energized, alive and full of life.
This is a natural, nourishing, delicious program.  It doesn't require supplements, or hours of time a day...
The Alkaline Reset Cleanse is PERFECT for YOU if you need...
Weight loss, digestive healing, thyroid balance, adrenal support, to help prevent and fortify against cancer and cardiovascular disease, re-balance cholesterol, remove type 2 diabetes, heal autoimmune conditions, clear and beautiful skin, more energy, no more acid reflux, to remove candida, rebalanced gut bacteria, get rid of sugar addiction, soothe and heal leaky gut, boost libido, to gain weight, remove pain...and so much more...

No matter what your biggest health challenge is right now, The Alkaline Reset Cleanse will, in seven days, get you significantly closer, if not all the way there.  

Because it gives your body exactly what it needs to heal and rebalance, the results can be quite sensational...and besides...from super-nourishing your body what do you have to lose?

Order Now from Just $9 and Get the Alkaline Reset Cleanse Book PLUS all of these Bonuses!

Available in Hardcover, Paperback & Digital (Kindle, Kobo, eReader)

Praise for "The Alkaline Reset Cleanse"
Kris Carr
“The Alkaline Reset Cleanse is a new way of thinking about your body, and it rocks. 

Ross will show you how to use the healing power of nature and your intuition—no starving, no cravings, nothing like your typical ‘detox.’

Radiant health is possible; let this wonderful book guide the way.”
— Kris Carr, New York Times best-selling author
Ocean Robbins
“What you’re about to learn from Ross Bridgeford has never been more important.  We need this book now. We need the
message it brings, and we need to put it into action. 

The fundamentals that Ross
will teach you could change your health forever.  He’s done the research and hard work, and has distilled it into the potent
plan you can now hold in your hands.”
— Ocean Robbins, Founder, Food Revolution Network
Ty Bollinger
“The body is out of balance, and the
resulting environment is perfect for disease creation. Ross Bridgeford addresses
both of these root causes (deficiency and toxicity) in his groundbreaking book,
The Alkaline Reset Cleanse. It’s a simple, easy-to-follow guide that can teach you
how to take control of your own health and literally activate your body’s self-healing
mechanism and create an internal environment that fosters health
rather than sickness. My recommendation is simple: Buy this book.
 - Ty Bollinger, best-selling author of The Truth about Cancer
Dr Susan Pierce Thompson
“I so enjoyed this book! It totally satisfied the science geek in me who has been curious for years about the whole ‘alkaline diet’ thing. 

Whether you’re in a health crisis and desperately need an emergency overhaul or
are humming along and just want some powerful health hacks to add to your regimen, The Alkaline Reset Cleanse will deliver the goods.”
— Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson, New York Times best-selling author of Bright Line Eating 
Jon Gabriel
“The Alkaline Reset Cleanse isn’t just another diet or detox. 

It’s a road map for how to be super healthy and prosper at every level  - physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

This is the ultimate guide for super vitality and total mind-body health.”

— Jon Gabriel, creator of The Gabriel Method and best-selling author of Visualization for Weight Loss
Yuri Elkaim
“Ross has done an amazing job of simplifying exactly how to raise our energy without relying on quick fixes that leave us feeling even worse.

Instead, he provides a science-backed blueprint, helping you raise your energy naturally and quickly so that you live your life to the fullest. 

Read this book, apply its simple principles, and watch how your body and energy transform.”
— Yuri Elkaim, New York Times best-selling author of All-Day Energy Diet

More Success Stories from the Alkaline Reset Cleanse!

I know I keep saying it, but The Alkaline Reset Cleanse WORKS...!

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