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Experience What It's Like to Have pH 9.5 Perfect Alkaline, Antioxidant-Rich, Super-Filtered Water on Tap, In Your Home for a Full 60-Days...

ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE USA & CANADA (email me if you live outside of these regions)

60-Day 100% Risk Free Trial Period + Absolutely Free Shipping in the USA

Try your Chanson risk-free in your own home for 60-days.  If you don't love it, you can return it and get a no-questions-asked full, complete refund.

Perfect pH 9.5, Ultra-Filtered, Antioxidant-Rich, Anti-Inflammatory, Great Tasting Water...On Tap

This is the EASIEST Way to Change Your Health...With No Effort Required!

This is THE World's Most Powerful Alkaline Water System

The Chanson Miracle MAX+ is the most advanced water ionizer in the World.  Released in 2018, and now on it's 6th upgrade, it features cutting edge technology and top-grade filtration to give you, every day, on tap, water that is:

  • pH at the Level YOU Set: from pH 2.5 - pH 12.5 - you pick the level of pH you need...pH 9.5 for perfect drinking water, pH 3 for skin care, pH 12.5 for washing veg...and so much more...
  • Perfect pH 9.5 drinking water: when your body receives pH 9.5 water, it immediately neutralizes toxicity and acidity in the body, giving a huge resource of alkalinity to energize and revitalize
  • More Antioxidants than Blueberries or Green Tea: every glass  is infusing your body with antioxidants (-ORP) to rebuild and regenerate cells, repair DNA, and fight free radicals (i.e. aging)
  • Powerfully Anti-Inflammatory Molecular Hydrogen: every glass infuses your body with structured molecular hydrogen, nature's most powerful anti-inflammatory
  • Super-Filtered & Great Tasting: with a powerful, six-stage in-built filter, the Chanson removes 99.99% of Chlorine, Lead, Chloramines, Arsenic, VOC's, DBPs, and more

Far more than just delicious, healthy water...

The benefits and uses for the Chanson water go far beyond giving you the best drinking water on Earth...

Perfect pH 9.5 With Every Sip...

Rather than having acidic, pro-inflammatory, toxic tap or bottled water, imagine every single glass of water you drink being the perfect pH 9.5, super-filtered, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich.   

This is the reality when you start drinking Chanson water.  This alone, with the alkaline pH, perfectly replicating nature's purest spring water, will change your health and energy forever.

And it is not just pH 9.5 that the Chanson provides.  Uniquely, with the Chanson Miracle MAX+ you can set the pH to any level you like, from pH 2.5 thru to pH 12.5.  We'll get on to the benefits of the other pH below...

Bursting with Antioxidants in Every Glass

The ionization process in the Chanson Miracle MAX+ uses a tiny electrical charge - exactly the same as water in nature, that has crashed along rocks, down springs, streams and waterfalls.   This tiny electrical charge gives the water huge antioxidant power.  Measured in ORP, a negative ORP is an antioxidant and a positive ORP causes oxidative stress.   

Chanson water is powerfully antioxidant-rich - with the equivalent -ORP to blueberries, pomegranate, green tea and more.  Again, imagine drinking water that is a powerful antioxidant all day, every day...

We like to call it 'waterfall water'...

Nature's Most Powerful Anti-Inflammatory

Water from your Chanson Miracle MAX+ is also rich in stable molecular hydrogen, which is perhaps nature's most powerful, potent anti-inflammatory.  

Over 1200 peer-reviewed studies have been conducted into the benefits of molecular hydrogen, and it's impact on inflammation, pain, arthritis, hormone imbalance, chronic fatigue and more.  

Inflammation is at the root cause of practically every sickness and disease, but with Chanson water, you are infusing your body with powerful anti-inflammatories throughout the day, rather than the pro-inflammatory tap or bottled water.

More Hydrating that Any Other Water

Ionized water from the Chanson Miracle MAX+ is structured differently to other water.  It is microclustered and structured in a way that makes it far easier and more efficient for your body to absorb and use.

Most waters are structured into clusters of ten or more (measured using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance), however, Chanson water is in clusters of just 6 - again, replicating the perfect water from nature. 

You can see from this image here, just how different Chanson water looks under the microscope.  This is why you never feel bloated or full when you drink Chanson water.  It tastes great, and feels great too.

Powerfully Filtered & Great Tasting

With the in-built PJ-8000 filter, you can be confident knowing that a significant amount of the nasties (think 99.9% of most) have been removed from your tap water.

Using the top-grade 6-stage filter with a multi-layer process including Activated Carbon impregnated with silver, Food Grade Calcium Sulfite, KDF55 and Hollow Fiber Membrane and more to take care of all the nasties in your tap water.

The result is those nasties including chlorine, chloramines, bacteria, agricultural run-off, hormones, lead and other metals, DBPs and more are all removed, making the water completely safe for you and your family.

Pre-Order Now & Save $500 PLUS Free Shipping

Normally $2299 - Order Today for Just $1799 delivered


60-Day 100% Risk Free Trial Period + Lifetime Warranty + Absolutely Free Shipping in the USA & Canada

Easy, Six-Minute Installation - No Plumbing Required

Installing the Chanson Miracle MAX+ is an absolute breeze.  From opening the box to pouring your first glass takes under ten minutes.

Full step-by-step installation guidance is provided, and our tech support team are on hand to talk it through over the phone, but if you can put together a piece of IKEA're overqualified.  

There is no plumbing required, meaning it is perfect for apartments, holiday homes and rental properties too.

Here is how the installation works:

Step One: Screw the Chanson water attachment onto the end of your your kitchen faucet

Step Two: Put one of the flexible tubes from the Chanson tap attachment into the 'in' hole on the ionizer, put one tube from the 'out' hole into your sink

Step Three: Plug in at the wall and switch on!

It literally is that easy.  

Plus it has lifetime warranty, full US-based technical support, available on the phone and email, plus the 60-day money-back guarantee.  

The Drinking Water is Just the Start...

There are HUNDREDS of Uses for Chanson Water Which Will SAVE You Money Every Day

Before we get into this section, it is essential to remember, very, very few ionizers can get very strong acid and very strong alkaline water.  Chanson aside, I have not found any other ionizer that can get a pH lower than 5, or higher than 10.  This eliminates 99% of these benefits if you are using a different ionizer.

Strong ACID Water: pH 2.5 - pH 5

There are SO many benefits to the strong acidic water including

  • Certified Anti-Bacterial: the pH 3 water can replace all kitchen cleaning products, giving you a totally chemical-free home.  Surface sprays, disinfectants, glass cleaner, bathroom cleaner, oven cleaner and more - it works brilliantly, and so safely you can use it to disinfect pacifiers and baby bottles
  • ​Stain & Odor Remover: helps remove wine, coffee, ink, pet stains and smells, naturally 
  • Skin Care: the pH 3-5 water is amazing for the skin, replacing makeup remover, toner, cleanser, hydrating spray and more
  • Clears Skin Conditions: the pH 3 water sprayed directly onto psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, acne and more has a HUGE impact within 24 hours
  • Removes Wrinkles and Fine Lines: the pH 3-4 water perfectly balances the skins pH and moisturises and hydrates so effectively, it helps to remove the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • PLUS: so much more including glass cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, sprayed onto food before freezing retains freshness, for diaper rash...and so much more

Strong Alkaline Water: pH 10 - pH 12.5

The Chanson is also the only ionizer on the market that can reach the super strong pH 12+ levels too, which also have a huge range of uses and benefits including:

  • Removing Pesticides and Chemicals from Fruit & Veg:  can't access organic?  This is the next best thing.  The super-strong alkaline water almost completely removes all pesticides, chemicals, residues and solvents from fruits and vegetables - as close to organic as possible.
  • Re-Infusing Fruit & Veg with Antioxidants: non-organic foods tend to be lower in antioxidants than organic, and if foods have been stored for a period of time they can also suffer nutrient loss.  By soaking the food in strong alkaline water, you can re-infuse them with antioxidants.
  • Cleaning Grease & Grime: the strong alkaline water works well to break the grease and grime down, making it fantastic in the kitchen for woks, pans, chopping boards and surfaces.
  • Hot Bath Soak : Add 4.5 litres at the the end when your bath is almost full to replace Epsom Salts or any other mineral addition.  It will leave your muscles rejuvenated and skin feeling amazing.
  • Arthritis, Gout, Muscle Soreness, Tissue Injuries: High alkalinity draws out acids. You can utilise the strong alkaline water to soak affected area to ‘pull out’ acids associated with inflammation, injury and pain. 
  • ​And so much more...including to reduce swelling, to remove itching and pain from bites, to reduce puffy eyes and more!

Pre-Order Now & Save $500 PLUS Free Shipping

Normally $2299 - Pre-Order Today for Just $1799 delivered

 Save $500 + Free Shipping.

60-Day 100% Risk Free Trial Period + Lifetime Warranty + Absolutely Free Shipping in the USA & Canada

The Huge Savings & Actual Running Costs of Owning a Chanson

The initial investment is very quickly repaid...

Regular Bottled Water

"Alkaline" Bottled Water

Chanson Miracle MAX+

Cost Per Month*


(ave. 3 bottles per day, at $1.77 median price)


(ave. 3 bottles per day, at $1.77 median price)


(based on cost of Chanson divided by half the expected lifespan)

* prices based one person in the household, drinking three 500ml bottles per day, at an average cost based on researching 8 brands and taking the median price.  Chanson cost based on taking half the expected minimum lifespan of the unit (seven years, expected lifespan 15+ years).

Compared to Bottled Water, Owning a Chanson Gives a HUGE Saving...and this is just the start...

The savings made by not having to buy bottled water is just the start:

  • pH Drops or Alkalizing Minerals: to try and get the same pH benefit as the Chanson water, you would need to add pH drops to your filtered or bottled water.  Additional saving: $50-$60 / month
  • Home Cleaning: the strong acid water that only the Chanson can create replaces all household cleaning products including surface spray and wipes, disinfectant, toilet cleaner, oven cleaner, glass, bath and shower cleaner, and so much more.  Additional saving: $30 / month
  • Skin Care: the strong & medium acid water also replaces skin toner, cleanser, moisturiser, makeup remover, hydrating spray, bite and sting reliever and more.  Additional saving: $30 / month
  • ​Alkaline & Anti-Inflammatory Supplements: the pH and anti-inflammatory power of the pH 9.5 drinking water means you no longer need anti-inflammatory and alkaline mineral supplements.  Additional saving $60 / month.

These savings, plus the saving on bottled water calculated (very modestly) above means that owning a Chanson saves you up to $370 per month.

This means, the Chanson pays for itself in 4-5 months (120-150 days).

Pre-Order Now & Save $500 PLUS Free Shipping

Normally $2299 - Pre-Order Today for Just $1799 delivered

60-Day 100% Risk Free Trial Period + Lifetime Warranty + Absolutely Free Shipping in the USA & Canada

Warranty & Risk Free Guarantee

There is absolutely zero risk to trying the Chanson Miracle MAX+ in your home PLUS we look after you every step of the way...

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

When you reserve your Chanson you have complete peace-of-mind with our 100% money-back guarantee.

You have the from the moment you place your pre-order, until 60-day AFTER the ionizer arrives at your door.

You can try your Chanson in your home for a full 60-days.  See how it works for you and your family, experience all the benefits, and THEN decide if it is right for you.

If you decide it is not, then you simply fill out our quick form and ship it back to us, and get 100% of your money back.  No questions asked, no hoops to jump through.

We are that confident you are going to LOVE your Chanson ionizer.

Lifetime Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty

For the lifetime of your Chanson ionizer you are covered by Chanson's very own lifetime warranty.

What this means is we are always here for you.  Your Chanson technical support and repair centre is located in Laguna Hills, CA and our team are there for you on the phone or via email, no matter what the problem.

If you do ever need to service or repair your Chanson, we'll look after you.  Here's how it works:

  • Within 60-Days: in the unlikely event there is a fault with your Chanson, we will have it shipped back and a brand-new ionizer sent to you immediately
  • Within 5-Years: we will repair the ionizer quickly, and ship it back to you at no cost
  • ​After 5-Years: we still cover all parts and labor, you simply pay the shipping.

You will not find a more generous or comprehensive plan anywhere else in the water, filtration, or ionizer industry.  We care. 

Owning a Chanson Ionizer Changed My Life...

And I want the same for you.  I am passionate about helping as many people reach the health and energy of their dreams as possible, and this is THE most powerful thing you can do.

Back in 2011 when I first discovered Chanson, I thought I was doing everything right - but I was only focussed on food.  

Once I changed my water to Chanson water, my World changed.

I am driven to help people as much as possible, and this is the one thing that will help more than anything else.

I would not recommend just any company.  I have been working with Chanson for over a decade, and I trust their products implicitly. 

I hope that the timing is right for you, and you can make this decision to grab one of these Chanson units at this discounted price.

I promise, you will never look back,

Pre-Order Now & Save $500 PLUS Free Shipping

Normally $2299 - Order Today for Just $1799 delivered

60-Day 100% Risk Free Trial Period + Lifetime Warranty + Absolutely Free Shipping in the USA & Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Specifications
Dimensions:  Height 12" x Width 9.75" x Depth 5.5"
Effective Flow Rate: 2 - 2.5 liters per minute at 45 PSI water pressure 
pH Levels: 2.4 to 12.5 with Laguna Hills CA source water at low flow
ORP Levels: +1,200 to -920
Number of Plates: 7 at 2.76" x 6.38") (246.5 square in total surface area), 99.989% pure titanium with Chanson exclusive platinum nano coating
Weight: 9.1 pounds
Filter Life: 9000 L (approx.: 12-14 months of use)
Temperatures: 98 degrees F
Water Pressure: 8 - 70 PSI
Power Consumption: 50-125 watts
Delivery & Shipping
As this is a pre-order for the brand new Miracle MAX+ upgrade (hence the $500 discount), the expected delivery time is between 4-7 weeks depending on where you are in the USA/Canada.  It could be quicker, but this is the expectation.  Shipping is absolutely free.
Customer Support
If you have any customer support questions please contact or contact Chanson on: Toll Free: 888-624-2169
Returns & Repairs/Servicing
If you need to return the unit for repair or servicing, please contact Chanson on Toll Free: 888-624-2169
Warranty & Guarantee
You are completely covered by our 100% money back guarantee for a full 60 days AFTER your unit arrives at your door.  

The warranty is lifetime, including 5-years of shipping, parts, labour and everything else included in the repair.  And then after 5-years, everything except for shipping is covered.
Installation of the Miracle MAX+ is incredibly simple.  Upon purchase you will be emailed full instructions including video instructions.  You can also call Chanson on 888-624-2169 to be walked through the installation over the phone.

Can I Take Medications with Chanson Water?
Absolutely.  The Chanson allows you to set the pH of the water at any level you choose - from pH 3 and below, up to pH 12 and above - including pH 7.  When the water is set to 'neutral' it effectively bypasses the ionization process, meaning you simply get a glass of filtered pH neutral water.
Can I Still Use My Tap as Normal?
Yes, absolutely.  After you have attached the Chanson fitting to your tap, you will note there is a small switch on the side of the Chanson attachment (called the 'diverter'.  Flip this switch and the water will come out of your tap as normal (for washing dishes etc.).
Why Drink Alkaline When the Stomach Is Acid?
Most people misunderstand the various stages of digestion, and think that there is no point consuming alkaline substances when the stomach is acidic.  If this were truly the case then there would be no use to consuming alkaline foods (greens, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, salads etc.) and we would only need to consume acid foods (sugar, chocolate, gluten, chips, pizza, soda etc.).  

When you consume alkaline forming foods and drinks, the stomach processes them, and prepares them for the next phase of digestion after the stomach (the duodenum) which requires them to have an ALKALINE pH far easier than when we consume acid-forming substances.  The more alkaline you eat and drink, the easier the digestive process.  I explain more here, if you need more detail.
How Does the Chanson Make Molecular Hydrogen?
The magnesium reacts with the water and produces magnesium hydroxide and hydrogen gas.

Mg + 2H2O → Mg(OH)2 + 2H → Mg(OH)2 + H2

Mg = Magnesium Metal H2O = Water
Mg(OH)2 = Magnesium Hydroxide H = Atomic Hydrogen (Active Hydrogen)
H2 = Molecular Hydrogen (Hydrogen Gas)
What Are the Ongoing Costs?
The only ongoing cost to owning a Miracle MAX+ is to replace the internal PJ8000 filter every 12-14 months.  These can be purchased online via Chanson, Amazon or dozens of other retailers, and cost $59.99 USD.  To replace the filter, you simply open the side door of the unit, unscrew the lid, and change the filter.

Pre-Order Now & Save $500 PLUS Free Shipping

Normally $2299 - Pre-Order Today for Just $1799 delivered

60-Day 100% Risk Free Trial Period + Lifetime Warranty + Absolutely Free Shipping in the USA & Canada
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