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The Alkaline Reset Cleanse is My Groundbreaking New Hardcover Book - It Will Show You How to Effortlessly & Enjoyably Cleanse Your Body, Reboot Your System & Undo Years of Damage, Poor Diet and More...Leaving You Feeling Light, Energized, Revitalized and Free...
The Alkaline Reset Cleanse is a powerful seven-day, whole-food cleanse to completely reset and reboot your body, targeting the Five Master Systems (endocrine, digestive, immune, detoxification, and pH balancing).

Balance equals life. At base, our bodies make us fighters because the body will drop everything to make balance happen. So when we put one system out of balance, we are essentially making our body fight itself.

The Alkaline Reset Cleanse is a different way of thinking about the body and how we can rapidly replenish, heal, and reboot ourselves back to optimal health. 

The training, action plans, meal plans, shopping lists & recipes do all of the hard work for you - removing the stress, overwhelm, confusion and complexity for you - and make willpower completely irrelevant. You simply put one foot in front of the other, step-by-step, follow the plan and get the results.
Inside the Alkaline Reset Cleanse you will learn:

[+] How to easily & enjoyably complete my 7-Day Alkaline Reset for a rapid transformation in your health & body

[+] The root cause of all sickness and disease & how you can quickly reverse your health challenges to bring an incredibly level of vitality back to your body

[+] How to balance and heal your body's Five Master Systems to heal your adrenals, thyroid, digestion, liver, kidneys, bones, brain and more

[+] Step-by-step exactly how to prepare for your Cleanse for seven days before to make the Cleanse easy and enjoyable!

[+] My powerful but simple process to make the benefits of your Alkaline Reset Cleanse last a lifetime!
The Alkaline Reset Cleanse is PERFECT for YOU if you need...
Weight loss, digestive healing, thyroid balance, adrenal support, to help prevent and fortify against cancer and cardiovascular disease, re-balance cholesterol, remove type 2 diabetes, heal autoimmune conditions, clear and beautiful skin, more energy, no more acid reflux, to remove candida, rebalanced gut bacteria, get rid of sugar addiction, soothe and heal leaky gut, boost libido, to gain weight, remove pain...and so much more...

No matter what your biggest health challenge is right now, The Alkaline Reset Cleanse will, in seven days, get you significantly closer, if not all the way there.  

Because it gives your body exactly what it needs to heal and rebalance, the results can be quite sensational...and besides...from super-nourishing your body what do you have to lose?
Real Reviews from Amazon for The Alkaline Reset Cleanse
Real Results from the Alkaline Reset Cleanse:
Eugenia's Story: 17lbs gone, fatigue, pain & inflammation gone & her family transformed
Juanita's Story: Autoimmune (Lupus) reversed, pain gone, weight gone and life regained!
Robert's Story: Polycystic kidneys healed, chronic fatigue gone and psoriasis gone too!
Note: it's important to remember, no result is 'typical' so none of the above can be promised.  But if you follow the steps outlined in the Alkaline Reset Cleanse book, you will be giving your body every tool it needs to rebuild, reset, balance and thrive.  
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Sugar and gluten are chemically addictive, and are two of the most acidic, inflammatory, oxidative-stress-causing and unbalancing substances on Earth.  When you remove them from your life, your health effortlessly returns.  

And when you remove them AND follow this up with the Alkaline Reset Cleanse the results are simply stunning.  This is another of the core trainings from the full Alkaline Reset Cleanse coaching program, giving you another glimpse of how deep and powerful we go in the full course.
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Praise for "The Alkaline Reset Cleanse" Book
Kris Carr
“The Alkaline Reset Cleanse is a new way of thinking about your body, and it rocks. 

Ross will show you how to use the healing power of nature and your intuition—no starving, no cravings, nothing like your typical ‘detox.’

Radiant health is possible; let this wonderful book guide the way.”
— Kris Carr, New York Times best-selling author
Ocean Robbins
“What you’re about to learn from Ross Bridgeford has never been more important.  We need this book now. We need the
message it brings, and we need to put it into action. 

The fundamentals that Ross
will teach you could change your health forever.  He’s done the research and hard work, and has distilled it into the potent
plan you can now hold in your hands.”
— Ocean Robbins, Founder, Food Revolution Network
Ty Bollinger
“The body is out of balance, and the
resulting environment is perfect for disease creation. Ross Bridgeford addresses
both of these root causes (deficiency and toxicity) in his groundbreaking book,
The Alkaline Reset Cleanse. It’s a simple, easy-to-follow guide that can teach you
how to take control of your own health and literally activate your body’s self-healing
mechanism and create an internal environment that fosters health
rather than sickness. My recommendation is simple: Buy this book.
 - Ty Bollinger, best-selling author of The Truth about Cancer
Dr Susan Pierce Thompson
“I so enjoyed this book! It totally satisfied the science geek in me who has been curious for years about the whole ‘alkaline diet’ thing. 

Whether you’re in a health crisis and desperately need an emergency overhaul or
are humming along and just want some powerful health hacks to add to your regimen, The Alkaline Reset Cleanse will deliver the goods.”
— Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson, New York Times best-selling author of Bright Line Eating 
Jon Gabriel
“The Alkaline Reset Cleanse isn’t just another diet or detox. 

It’s a road map for how to be super healthy and prosper at every level  - physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

This is the ultimate guide for super vitality and total mind-body health.”

— Jon Gabriel, creator of The Gabriel Method and best-selling author of Visualization for Weight Loss
Yuri Elkaim
“Ross has done an amazing job of simplifying exactly how to raise our energy without relying on quick fixes that leave us feeling even worse.

Instead, he provides a science-backed blueprint, helping you raise your energy naturally and quickly so that you live your life to the fullest. 

Read this book, apply its simple principles, and watch how your body and energy transform.”
— Yuri Elkaim, New York Times best-selling author of All-Day Energy Diet
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