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"After 'dieting' for almost 30 years, this was the first thing that really worked for me and it's changed my whole lifestyle.  I've lost 16kg and my asthma is gone, but best of all you made it easy and enjoyable and I feel great!

Henny van Peperstraten, Netherlands
"In just the first 7 days, I lost 9 pounds. Then in the next seven days there was another 10 pounds gone.  I'm now down 23lbs!  Green juice every other day, focused on low-meat, low gluten, dairy and sugar.  Feeling great and sporting my small clothes!"

Eugenia Blackmon, New York
"Since starting with you the brain tumor has disappeared, I've lost over 50lbs and my cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar are now all at normal levels.  Thank you again - you may well have saved my life."

Ali Sharifi, San Francisco 
This is no accident.  These results are not uncommon.  When you get the plan that's right for YOU amazing results become inevitable:
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  • At-a-Glance 1-Page Cheat Sheet: when you're in a hurry in the kitchen you need to know NOW!  This chart gives you the most common foods you use are compiled onto a printable, 1-page chart to stick on your fridge 
  • Get the Easy Path to Alkaline: makes it WAY easier than you think it's going to be!  My simple 'crowd out the bad' method of kickstarting your health & getting alkaline & energized takes the hard work away but still delivers massive results for your health
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You will see that I do things differently...
Hey, I'm Ross - the owner and creator of (formerly, author of the Bestselling Alkaline Reset Cleanse and the Alkaline Diet Recipe Book series and creator of the Alkaline Base Camp coaching program.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my Acid/Alkaline Food Charts!  This really is the starting place for a lot of people new to the alkaline diet and so I have included a lot more than just a list of foods in this guide.  It's a full guide to understanding what the alkaline diet IS, what it is NOT (for a start it's not a 'diet') and how you can get started easily and effortlessly.

Helping people reach their health goals is my passion and you'll notice I do things a bit differently to most other health coaches and websites.  

Of course I make sure you get to the health and vitality of your dreams, unstoppable energy and amazing confidence in your body ...

But I also focus on making it EASY, making it effortlessly fit into your life, so you can stick with it and ENJOY it.

You'll quickly see this as soon as you sign up - the focus is on enjoyment, not trying to be perfect, banning foods, ploughing through cravings and 'toughing it out'. Rather the focus is on working WITH you and your lifestyle to fit health and nutrition in with YOU.  It's a totally different focus, but it works amazingly.

You'll find out more in the coming days after you've signed up.  So until then, enjoy the guides and food chart and try some of those recipes too!
Ross Bridgeford
This is me, Ross Bridgeford!
Some Quick Tips & Guidance to Kick Off!
The Most Alkaline Foods to Choose & Avoid!
Remembering you don't have to be perfect and aim for eating 100% alkaline, all of the time (70-80% alkaline is about spot on) it's great to know which of those foods you can concentrate on eating, and avoiding, to get the biggest impact with the least amount of effort.

As a rough guide, alkaline foods include things like:
  • Veggies: green foods, leafy foods, salads, lettuce, kale, spinach, cucumber, carrots, beets, herbs, sweet potato, bell pepper, arugula, broccoli, cauliflower, ginger, turmeric, coriander, basil, avocado etc.
  •  Beans & Pulses: lentils, chickpeas/garbanzo, kidney beans, navy beans etc
  • Low-Sugar Fruits: tomato, avocado, lime, lemon, grapefruit etc.
  •  Gluten Free Grains & Grasses: oats, quinoa, chia, buckwheat, amaranth etc.
  • Nuts, Seeds & Healthy Fats: coconuts, coconut oil, almonds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds etc.
  • Non-Dairy Milks: coconut milk, almond milk etc.
  •  And In Moderation: oily fish, fresh fruit, organic grass-fed/pasture-raised/free-range meat
And acid-forming foods are things like:

Sugar, gluten-containing grains, excessive animal protein, trans-fats, oxygenated fats, additives, preservatives, flavourings & colorings (natural or otherwise), alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, pizza, chips, refined foods, fast foods, fried foods, battered foods, oven meals, microwave meals, takeaways, wheat and flour products, cola and soda, sweeteners and creamers...

When you see these types of foods, it all makes sense.  It's good, clean, healthy living with a focus on avoiding the most acidic, oxidising, inflammation-causing foods, and a big focus on those alkaline, nutrient-dense, antioxidant-rich, anti-inflammatory foods.

Plus of course good hydration, good exercise, as little stress as possible and everything in balance and moderation.

Praise for Ross Bridgeford:
Ross will show you how to use the healing power of nature and your intuition—no starving, no cravings, nothing like your typical ‘detox.’

Radiant health is possible; let this wonderful book guide the way.”
— Kris Carr, New York Times best-selling author
“What you’re about to learn from Ross Bridgeford has never been more important.  We need this now. We need the
message it brings, and we need to put it into action. 

The fundamentals that Ross
will teach you could change your health forever.  He’s done the research and hard work, and has distilled it into the potent
plan you can now hold in your hands.”
— Ocean Robbins, Founder, Food Revolution Network
“The body is out of balance, and the
resulting environment is perfect for disease creation. Ross Bridgeford addresses
both of these root causes (deficiency and toxicity) in his groundbreaking Alkaline Reset Cleanse. It’s a simple, easy-to-follow guide that can teach you how to take control of your own health and literally activate your body’s self-healing mechanism and create an internal environment that fosters health
rather than sickness.”
 - Ty Bollinger, best-selling author of The Truth about Cancer
“I so enjoyed this! It totally satisfied the science geek in me who has been curious for years about the whole ‘alkaline diet’ thing. 

Whether you’re in a health crisis and desperately need an emergency overhaul or
are humming along and just want some powerful health hacks to add to your regimen, The Alkaline Reset Cleanse will deliver the goods.”
— Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson, New York Times best-selling author of Bright Line Eating 
“The Alkaline Reset Cleanse isn’t just another diet or detox. 

It’s a road map for how to be super healthy and prosper at every level -  physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

This is the ultimate guide for super vitality and total mind-body health.”

— Jon Gabriel, creator of The Gabriel Method and best-selling author of Visualization for Weight Loss
“Ross has done an amazing job of simplifying exactly how to raise our energy without relying on quick fixes that leave us feeling even worse.

Instead, he provides a science-backed blueprint, helping you raise your energy naturally and quickly so that you live your life to the fullest. 

Apply its simple principles, and watch how your body and energy transform.”
— Yuri Elkaim, New York Times best-selling author of All-Day Energy Diet
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