Discover the Most Powerful Way to Get Alkaline for Amazing Health & Unstoppable Energy the Easy, Effortless Way
Getting to the Health, Body & Energy of Your Dreams 
is a LOT Easier than You’ve Been Led to Believe
The Fast Track to Get Alkaline Effortlessly & Unlock Your 
Body’s True Potential
When you get alkaline, your health, energy, vitality effortlessly flows.  

But...most people are stuck

  Stuck with a health goal they’ve had for years if not decades. 
  Stuck with symptoms, pain, sickness and fatigue. 
  Stuck with the feelings of failure of their past two, three, four or more efforts 
to ‘get healthy’ that have all ended in failure.

Does this sound familiar?

Have you been trying to regain your health & energy for years? 
 Have you tried before and found it difficult? 
 Maybe you got some early results but then something 
knocked you off track and it slipped away again?

Or maybe you found it all took too much time in your busy, hectic life - the chopping, planning, shopping, preparing, washing all took too much time (and too much money).

Listen, I want you to know - getting to abundant health, to the energy & vitality of your dreams - all-day, natural, sustained energy and mental clarity should and most certainly CAN be effortless, easy and enjoyable.  And I am going to show you how.

You can do it with just a fraction of the time you think (and without costing the Earth too).

You can LOVE the journey and get results from day one too…

But there are a couple of things you need to know that will make or break this.
Why Most People Fail With the 
Alkaline Diet
More than 90% of people have tried and failed at least four times with a new healthy diet or lifestlye.  Why?  Why is this?  When we all know that at the most basic - more vegetables, less junk food, more water, less sugar - these simple changes would make a huge different for most people. 

We all know these fundamentals, so how could it be that most people fail multiple times?

If we know what a healthy diet is, why can't we make it stick?

The solution?  Having a coach...
And I want to be your coach. 

You might have heard me mention the Alkaline Base Camp before - it is my private coaching group where I take you by the hand and lead you to YOUR biggest health goals, working with YOUR lifestyle, YOUR challenges and YOUR needs.

I believe I am the most experienced alkaline diet coach in the World and I have an 
incredible track record - not only with helping people regain their energy and vitality, but also with inflammation, weight loss, reflux, candida, diabetes, hormone imbalances and so much more.

When you get alkaline, your health will transform - you will be giving your body the tools it needs to effortlessly thrive - healing, repairing, nourishing and returning to it's full potential.

And the Alkaline Base Camp is your guarantee you will not only get alkaline, but that you will stick to it, you'll love the process, you'll find it effortless and enjoyable and that you will reach your health goals the fastest and easiest way possible.
What Is The Alkaline Base Camp?
In the Alkaline Base Camp you get personally coached by me one-on-one via email and live chat, plus the following group coaching with each month based around a goal including topics such as Effortless Weight Loss, The Hormone Reset, Anti-Inflammation, Quit Sugar for Good, Eating for Energy & more.  So each week you receive a new coaching guide including:

[+] Actionable, Hands-On Coaching videos:
"Making it Real & Making it Stick" with Ross + a 7-Day Action Plan

[+] Monthly Meal Plans based around the monthly goal,
including the 7-day menu, itemized shopping list & exclusive recipes

[+] "Habits & Hacks" training to put your goals on autopilot

[+] Monthly Q&A Coaching Calls with Ross where you can ask Ross your
biggest, most burning questions

[+] Monthly Deep Dive Masterclasses on the topic of the month -
this is like a full training program and topics have included those
mentioned above plus: Anti-Candida, Anti-Aging, Reflux Remedy,
Digestive Healing & more

[+] Plus the Alkaline Base Camp community where you get 
to share and learn from a vibrant, supportive community of
likeminded souls

There is over $10,000 of coaching and training already inside the Alkaline Base Camp and you will get instant access to all of this, plus the weekly and monthly group coaching and training from Ross...

...plus me (Ross) as your personal coach too.

Ali Sharifi
Member #128
I started with you because of a brain tumor diagnosis in 2015...but I had other issues too - I was fatigued, my cholesterol was out of whack and I needed to lose weight.

Since joining the ABC the tumor has disappeared, I have lost around 50lbs (23kg) and cholesterol, triglycerides and glucose are all at healthy levels!

Your coaching has brought me more energy without the need for coffee too!

Thanks again for introducing me to an amazing lifestyle - you may very well have saved my life!
Juanita Butler
Member #442
I started with Ross because I was diagnosed with lupus, an autoimmune condition that left me in chronic pain.  The pain was so bad I had to be hospitalized several times a year for 5 days at a time to control the pain.  

The medication they had me on was controlling my life.

But when I started with Ross everything changed - everything just went away!

I was pain free for the first time in years and the inflammation was gone.  PLUS my excess weight just started to disappear - in the first month alone I lost 20lbs!

I have proved all the doctors wrong - and Ross, you're stuck with me now!
Cali Marsh
Member #63
I feel fabulous.  Ross has helped change my life.  There are so many benefits - no bloating, improved skin and hair, improved energy, improved focus...improved mind!  

I've found a whole new way of life and friends for life too in the ABC community.  I've lost 21.1kg (46lbs) and completely changed the way I eat.  

I am looking and feeling so much healthier.  Thank you Ross!
Why Having a Some Personal Guidance 
Will Change Your Life...
One Size Fits...
All?  Nope.

One Size Fits...One!

No matter what your goal - whether it's weight loss, more energy and defeating fatigue, beating inflammation, reversing diabetes, hypertension or reflux - the alkaline diet will produce amazing results and change your life forever...


We are all different.  Our bodies are different.  Our metabolisms are different.  Our genetics are different...

And most importantly - the ROOT CAUSE of your health challenge will you need a path and guidance that is only slightly - but very importantly different from someone else.

And in the Alkaline Base Camp you get this - directly from me.  The group coaching (videos, guides, action plans, meal plans, shopping lists, masterclasses, interviews, Q&A calls) is amazing...

And the personal guidance from having me as your coach takes it to a whole new level.  To work with me one-on-one, supporting you directly with YOUR life and YOUR challenges - this is what gives you the powerful levers that do all of the heavy lifting.

It's what takes your health goals from being a dream to being a certainty.

I can't wait to start working with you.
Case Study: 3 Businesses, 2 Kids, Full Time Law Job...Chronic Stress, Sugar Addiction...Eugenia lost 17lbs in 14 days and has quit sugar for good.  Life will never be the same...
Case Study: A chronic dieter from age 11, Sam was overweight, fatigued, stressed, and struggling with autoimmune-based arthritis.  All of this is now gone, and in it's place, a life of joy...!
Case Study: A virus left Denise with severe inflammation & rheumatoid arthritis.  She was unable to work, tired, aching and in pain every day.  Now?  She has reversed her arthritis, the autoimmune...AND her psoriasis & lost 14lbs  too!
Frequently Asked Questions
What Does This Special Trial Offer Include?
This special offer includes a 30-day trial of the Alkaline Base Camp coaching for $1 (normally $59.99/month), and then 50% off your account at just $29.99/month.
Will I Be Billed During the Trial Offer?
Nope! With the exception of $1 today, you will only be billed after your 30-day trial if you choose not to cancel. We’ll send an email reminder near the end of the trial.
Can I Cancel During My Trial Period?
Absolutely! You can cancel at any time, simply email us at support@liveenergized.com

How Do I Access the One-on-One Coaching with Ross?
As soon as you join you'll be sent an email from Ross with a set of questions to kickstart your coaching.  You can then contact Ross via email directly, through the ABC Facebook group or through Facebook Messenger.  
Do I Need to Have a Facebook Account?
No, absolutely not.  The ABC Facebook group is a very small part of the ABC, and none of the coaching or training is delivered through Facebook.  All you need is an email address and a willingness to get learning and get started!
What If I Am Allergic To...?  Can You Help Me With My Specific Goal?
Yep - this is where the ABC comes into it's own and this is what the personal coaching is all about.  We understand that one size fits ONE and so you can work directly with Ross on YOUR goal, with YOUR lifestyle factors, background, nuances, likes and dislikes. 
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