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What is the 7-Day Juice Challenge?
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Hi, my name is Ross Bridgeford, the owner of, creator of the Alkaline Base Camp Coaching and the author of the bestselling book, "The Alkaline Reset Cleanse" - and welcome to the 7-Day Juice Challenge!

I am absolutely convinced that if you take my juice challenge, it will move you dramatically closer to your biggest health goals - transforming your energy in just seven days.

My coaching is built around making it easy, enjoyable and achievable to reach your biggest health goals - making your health fit with your lifestyle, rather than the other way around - and this challenge is just a perfect example of this.

By the end of the challenge, the simple habit of daily juicing will be a part of your life - and when you see just how incredibly powerful it is, you'll never want to stop!

The premise of the challenge is simple: a single fresh, homemade juice every day, for seven days.

That's it.  So simple, but it will change your life.

And I make it so easy for you - with a daily recipe, daily video coaching, a Facebook support group, shopping list, and all of your questions answered in the Juice Challenge Workbook.
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Starts Monday 23rd May 2022
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