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Rapidly Remove Inflammation, Osteoporosis, Excess Weight, End Pain & Discomfort &Get to the Health and Vitality You Deserve...
Everybody deserves to have abundant health, to feel light, free, strong and confident in their body. You deserve this too.

Getting as many people to this place of health is my passion.  Without health, it's impossible to live life to the fullest.

Sadly, most people I come across are in pain.

They’re fatigued, inflamed, aching, carrying excess weight, osteoporosis, digestive conditions, immune conditions, stressed, sick, tired and fed up

The reality is we should be free: free from pain, enjoying life to the max, living full out, feeling strong and in control of our body, happy, vibrant and alive.  

We should be free from inflammation, free from pain, free from medications, free from embarrassment and discomfort.  

We should be confident in our body to grow old gracefully, see our kids grow old and have a long, fulfilled and energised life.
It breaks my heart because abundant health is within reach for almost everyone...  
We all know what to do, right?  Eat more vegetables, drink more water, do more nauseum...

But it’s NOT the "knowing" that's the problem - it's the "making it happen" part that is holding most people back.

If knowledge alone were enough, we'd all be in perfect health.  But having access to the information is 5% of the battle, the other 95% is knowing how to make it happen and make it stick.

Just for a second, think about the people closest to you...

I bet most of them are living in some degree of pain and discomfort. Sick and tired and dissatisfied with their body and their health.

This is how most people spend the majority of their life and it's so sad.

Today I want that to change for you.  I want to guarantee this isn't you for another single day.

I want to move you away from pain, discomfort, inflammation, fatigue and sickness...

And move you quickly and effortlessly to a vibrant, energized, body - a body in which you can live life to the fullest, feeling confident, strong, mentally alert and physically proud.

And this is what I want to give you now...

Introducing The Alkaline Base Camp
Everything You Need to Make Your Dream Health, Energy & Body a Reality:Step-by-Step Training, Meal Plans, Recipes, Coaching
1-on-1 Support, Live Calls, Interviews & More
The Alkaline Base Camp is about taking action and I want you to be a part of it with me...

When you join the Alkaline Base Camp you become a part of my hands-on membership group where I mentor, coach and train you, to get you out of fatigue, pain, and frustration and move you to your biggest health goals, to vibrant health, freedom, energy, vitality and more - as quickly, effortlessly and enjoyably as possible.

I give you the specific step-by-step training, hand-holding, guidance, meal-plans, recipes and more to get YOU to YOUR goals, so you can get back to living life to it's fullest with the energy and body you deserve.

EVERYTHING in the Alkaline Base Camp is about making it happen. There is no fluff, no theoretical nonsense, and no plans that would be impossible to stick to (trying to be perfect every day is actively discouraged). It’s all grounded in research and the real world...

And I work with you and my incredible Alkaline Base Camp members personally, one-on-one, as much as needed to get you the breakthrough to amazing health.

90% of Your Health Comes Down to a Handful of Daily Habits...
In my almost 15-years of coaching people to their health goals, there is one thing that has stood out through all of this time.  Through every fad, diet, juice, superfood and guru:
The quality of your health (and therefore your life) is determined by the habits 
and consistent actions you take on a daily basis...
(note this goes both ways - good and bad)
You can do a billion things and exhaust yourself.  You can aim for perfection and give up (too hard). You can give up everything and get hung up on cravings all-day, every-day...

Or you can do a small number of powerful, effective, efficient actions every day, consistently, with momentum and create the health and life of your dreams.

When you focus on a small, but powerful, handful of actions every day, over and over, huge results follow.  It creates a ripple effect.  The results are exponential and cumulative...they grow and grow...

This is at the core of everything I teach in the Alkaline Base Camp.  

So if you're frustrated at doing a million things, feeling lost, sick of the conflicting information, getting stuck in the cycle of trying/failing/trying/failing and want to just finally get the results and have a simple path to follow...

This is it.  

Let me do the heavy lifting for you.
This is the REAL WORLD...
Everything I teach is grounded in the real-world...

The real world where we have jobs, kids, pressures, a social life and have to live with a bad nights sleep, coffee and sugar addictions (for now!), parties and functions, a family that won't eat greens and friends that don't understand...

I get you. 

I get what it is like in the trenches of real-life trying to make this happen. And I centre all of my teaching in this reality, to make it achievable, doable and realistic for you to follow through

In the Alkaline Base Camp I also focus on making sure I teach you only the most effective, powerful and important steps. 

People like you and me, we don’t need another fifty things to do every day - we need to know the handful of core, most important things that are going to make the difference.  

So I focus on YOUR goals, not generic ‘good health’ but on what you need right now, whether that’s getting out of pain, fighting inflammation, fortifying against a prior condition, increasing strength, rebuilding your body, re-energizing, losing weight…

The place we quickly move you to move is a body you are confident in, happy, thriving, smiling, energised, fulfilled, alive and strong.
Join Me in the Alkaline Base Camp Today & Get Instant Impact...

Here's How It Works...the Second You Become a Base Camp Member...

From the second you join the Alkaline Base Camp two things happen right away:

Firstly, you immediately get access to everything you need to get to your biggest health goals - your dream health, energy and body.  We'll get onto what that looks like in a minute.

But secondly, and most importantly, it all starts with the first step: a personal email from me and your 'Kickstart Plan':
As Soon As You Join - We Build Your Kickstart Plan:

From the second you join, you get me, one-on-one as much as you need me, whenever you need me, to coach you to YOUR health goals, no matter what they are.  

Immediately you'll get a personal email from me, asking you some questions, so we can get to know each other.

We then start to formulate your 'Kickstart Plan', and you get instant access to the 'Four Core Actions' that every member does every single day to get huge results.

Beginners can then jump straight into our on-boarding 'First Ten Days to Alkaline' training, and more seasoned pro's can move onto...
Then We Deep Dive Together to YOUR Goals:

Once you and I have connected and worked out your plan - you can then dive into the Alkaline Base Camp member's portal and immediately access all of the resources, recipes, guides, meal plans, shopping lists, interviews, trainings and more that are there for your exact goals.

There are hundreds of resources at your fingertips as much as you need them and whenever you need them, whether that's for:

...weight loss, more energy, hormonal rebalance, inflammation, mastering specific mealtimes, making it easy, quitting sugar, getting the shortcuts and more...

This is available to you immediately and 24/7/365...

And I am here to support you and guide you in the right direction whenever you need help, have questions, need guidance or anything else...
Ongoing Daily Momentum, Consistency & One-on-One Coaching

Having momentum and consistency is the difference between stopping/starting/trying/failing and never quite getting on top of it all vs. finding it effortless, easy and getting amazing results.

Remember: taking consistent daily action (even if it's small) will build the health and life of your dreams.

Momentum and consistency are at the CORE of the Alkaline Base Camp and everything I teach.

Every Monday I release your new guide based around our goal/topic of the month:

1st Monday: Your 7-Day Meal Plans, Itemized Shopping List & New Exclusive Recipes
2nd Monday: Your Monthly Masterclass Training
3rd Monday: Expert Deep-Dive Class or Group Challenge
4th Monday: Our "Ask Ross" Live Q&A Call

In between we also get together, connect, support each other and hang out in the 'virtual juice bar' - the ABC Community...
Your Tribe at the Virtual 'Juice Bar' - Our Community

There is possibly nothing more powerful than having a group of likeminded people supporting you, looking after you, picking you up and celebrating your wins.

In the Alkaline Base Camp the community is amazing.  It's strong, incredibly supportive, friendly, welcoming and so much fun.

We are all in together every day asking questions, posting ideas and recipes, sharing tips, and looking out for each other.

I hang out in there every day to help you as much as I can too.

So instead of having a health question and having to go research it, ask your doctor, read books, look it up on the internet and get a million different answers...

Instead of that, you can simply log into the ABC community and ask a question and get answers almost immediately from a group of smart, caring, likeminded souls.

This community is amazing.
Remember: You Get Instant Access to Everything in the Alkaline Base Camp Member's Area
Imagine wanting to hit a new health goal or overcome a health challenge and instead of having to go and buy a bunch of new books, scour the Pandora's Box that is the internet, seek advice from doctors (who have no nutritional training), read a million magazines and more...instead of all of this, you can simply log into your Alkaline Base Camp member's area and get started...
This is just a small sample of what you will ALREADY have access to in the Alkaline Base Camp member's area the second you join us:
(NOTE: below is just a handful of what you'll have instant access to...)
The Anti-Inflammation Masterclass
The step-by-step training on how to remove inflammation rapidly and forever.  [download] 
The Grain-Free Starter Kit
Full guide to quickly getting the inflammatory grains out of your diet. [download]
Expert Interview: Kris Carr
Deep-dive expert class with NYT bestselling author Kris Carr on the alkaline diet, juicing and finding balance. [download]
The Effortless Weight Loss Meal Plan & Shopping List
If your goal is weight loss - you just need to follow the plan! [download]
The 7-Day Turmeric Challenge
Getting turmeric daily will change your life!  Discover seven ways in seven days! [download]
The Eating for Energy Masterclass
Learn the four ways to massively increase your energy, for sustained, all-day vibrancy. [download]
The pH Testing Guide
Testing your pH the WRONG way can lead to very misleading actions - learn the right way. [download]
Expert Interview: Dr Sara Gottfried
Deep-dive class with NYT bestselling author and hormone expert Dr Sara Gottfried. [download]
The 28-Day Quit Sugar Challenge
Step-by-step How to Quit Sugar over 28-days with no cravings, hard work or effort.  [download]
The Hormone Reset Masterclass
Our hormones control so much in our body, including inflammation and our alkaline balance.  Learn how to rebalance and reset. [download]
Four Core Actions Training
One of our core flagship 'Kickstart' trainings for new members - learn to get the most powerful, simple daily habits right. [download]
The 7-Day Juice Challenge
Juicing is one of the most powerful things you can do - in this challenge you get the shopping list and day by day guide on how to make it easy! [download]
Plus Hundreds More Meal Plans, Guides, Challenge, Training Manuals...
Start Now & Join the Stronger Bones Challenge
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I know this sounds crazy, to get all of this for $1...but I want to remove every possible barrier for you.  This is my passion and my mission and I want to make sure you give it a try.  Because once you're in I know you're going to LOVE it.

So for $1 you get full access to everything in the Alkaline Base Camp, and can use it all for a full 30 days. 

Even if you just join for the 30 days you will STILL get a personalised Kickstart Plan from me, giving you everything you need to get started and get on the right path, plus access to everything you can download and keep - all for just a dollar.  

At this stage you still don't need to have decided if you want to join and continue.

You can check out every Masterclass, download the meal plans you need, try all of the recipes, watch the interviews, get one-on-one support from me, join the community - use everything - before you need to decide if you want to stay as a member.

If not, no problem, just let us know and we’ll cancel your membership and return your dollar.

But if you love it (which I just know you will) you can continue on and we will become great friends while we get you to the health & energy of your dreams.
Cancel Any Time, No Risk, No Contracts, No Lock-In
And because I know sometimes things change and life gets in the way - if you ever need to cancel, you can do so any time. There is no contract or lock in period. 

So you don’t need to decide if this is for you or not now, you can sign up for just a dollar, and spend the next fourteen days making up your mind, while experiencing exactly what it is like to be a member of the Alkaline Base Camp.

I can’t wait to get to know you - let’s make this happen!

Offer Ends In:
Get Immediate Access to Everything - no contract, no risk, cancel any time
P.S. This goes without saying, but this $1 offer won’t be available for long (as you can see above), and it won’t return anytime soon when it does go away.

So join right now while it’s fresh on your mind (and while this page is still active).
P.P.S If you're still not sure, check out what some of my existing members have been saying about the Alkaline Base Camp:
I joined because of a brain tumor diagnosis in 2015. Since then the tumor has disappeared and I have lost around 50lbs (23kg) and cholesterol, triglycerides and glucose are all at healthy levels.  

Your coaching has brought me more energy without the need for coffee and I absolutely recommend it. I feel better than I've ever felt.

Thanks again for the amazing lifestyle you've introduced me too. You may very well have saved my life!

Ali Sharifi, CA USA
Member #27
Ross, I am no longer exhausted. I had wicked sciatic nerve pain and chronic acne plus was more than 20kg over weight. 

My husband died of cancer four years ago and after watching that kind of suffering realised I had to do something about my health.

So far I've lost 15 kg (33lbs). Acne I've been battling with for 40 years has completely cleared up. I now have no sciatic pain at all. I feel great. 

I am no longer exhausted and I have not had a head cold since joining ABC about 14 months ago!

There is no going back. This is my new lifestyle. I love it. I would absolutely recommend it!

Bronwyn Roberts, QLD Australia
Member #643
I feel fabulous.  I've lost 21.1kg (46lbs) since June, the majority of that in December with the cleanse!

I have completely changed the way I eat and I've now gone down 3 dress sizes so am fitting back into clothes and some are even now too big!  I'm loving it!

It's amazing though, how good I am feeling and how much healthier I am looking.

Cali Marsh, QLD Australia
Member #13
I have to say, this is lifechanging.  I'm blown away. I have been through so much struggle with my body and honestly I didn't have much hope until this.

The Alkaline Base Camp is the reason I am so excited.

Beatrice Captan, USA
Member #113
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